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Abstract Expressionism in the 21st Century

Abstract Expressionism in the 21st Century  video

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Abstract Expressionism in the 21st Century.
Moderated by Helen Harrison, Director,
Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center.

Artists discuss the relevance of Abstract Expressionism
of the 1950s in the Twenty First Century. The participating artists are:

Diana Agostini, daughter of Peter Agostini, sculptor.
Christian Carone, son of Nicolas Carone, painter and sculptor.
Cynthia Maris Dantzic, Professor of Art, Long Island University, NY.
Rudy Ernst, painter and sculptor.
Sonia Gechtoff, painter Bay Area, CA and New York City.
Elaine Wechsler. Represantative, Estate of John Hultberg, painter.
Anki King, Norwegian Artist, living in New York City, NY.
Michael McClintock, Artfull Eye Gallery. Representative, Estate of Albert Kotin, painter.
Adam Zucker, Art Historian and Curator.
Hadea Nell Kriesberg, daughter of Irving Kriesberg. Matthias Kriesberg,
son of Irving Kriesberg.
John Mitchell, Artist & Printmaker.
George Ortman, artist.
William Gene Patrick, artist.
Sam Rivers, artist. Son of Larry Rivers & Daria Deshuk, artists.
Lynn Umlauf, painter and sculptor. Widow, representative,
Estate of Michael Goldberg, painter.
Stuart Friedman, NY School Art Gallery. Representative
the estate of Michael (Corinne) West.
Kostas Zimarakis, Greek/American painter.
Images: All rights reserved by the artists or their legal delegates.
©Thomas Herskovic. All rights reserved.

Books on Abstract Expressionism:

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Albert Kotin ~ Pioneer Abstract Expressionist




Albert Kotin belonged to the early generation
of New York School Abstract Expressionist
Artists whose artistic innovation by the 1950s
had been recognized across the Atlantic including
Paris. New York School Abstract Expressionism represented by Jackson Pollock, Willem
De Kooning, Franz Kline and others became the
leading art movement of the postwar era.
Artists including James Brooks, Nicolas Carone,
Giorgio Cavallon, Willem & Elaine De Kooning,
Enrico Donati, John Ferren, Perle Fine, Michael
Goldberg, Robert Goodnough, Grace Hartigan,
Hans Hofmann, Earl Kerkam, Franz Kline,
Albert Kotin, Conrad Marca-Relli, Joan Mitchell,
Robert Motherwell, Richard Pousette-Dart,
Milton Resnick, James Rosati, Louis Schanker,
David Smith, and Esteban Vicente were the
24 artists from the total of 256 participants
who were included in the famous 9th St. Show,
(1951) and in all the following New York Painting
and Sculpture Annuals from 1953 to 1957. These
Annuals were important because the participants
were chosen by the artists themselves.
Alexander Calder wrote in 1968: As long as there are people such as Al Kotin,
there is no danger to art.
If you are interested in books
please click: 
Albert Kotin Abstract
Expressionism 1950s


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